A cholecystectomy is the removal of the gall bladder and may be recommended for a variety of reasons including a gallbladder mucocele, necrotizing cholecystitis, cholysistitis, gallbladder stones, etc.


Although cholecystecotomys have become more common and typically have an excellent outcome, there are risks associated with general anesthesia. It is important that preoperative blood work and imaging, as well as stabilization with IV fluid therapy and injectable medication be performed to minimize the anesthetic risk. In critical cases some patients may require intensive care support before and after surgery. Gallbladder surgery has inherent risks, including bleeding, and leakage of bile into the abdominal cavity, which can cause peritonitis.


If cholecystectomy is the recommended procedure for your pet it is important to discuss with your veterinarian you pets current condition, any risk factors and concerns prior to surgery.