At Mountain West Veterinary Specialists, we take the health of our patients, clients, staff members, and their families as our top priority. In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are taking the following steps to ensure our client and staff safety.


  1. If your pet is having a life-threatening illness, please ring the bell or call 801-683-6201 and your pet will be immediately brought to our treatment area for evaluation. We ask that you remain outside, and we will update you as soon as possible with our findings.
  2. If your pet is in stable condition, please stay in your car and call 801-683-6201 to speak with one of our Coordinators. We aim to see patients based on order of arrival. However, based on triage of the patients this order may change at any time. If you feel your pet’s condition is worsening at any time, please call immediately so we can evaluate your pet’s status. 
  3. Our Coordinator will gather your contact information, pet’s information, and a brief history via phone. 
  4. A staff member will then retrieve your pet from your vehicle. We ask that cats remain in carriers and dogs be on-leash. If you need a carrier or leash, please alert a staff member. We will ask that you step out of your vehicle to pass your pet to our staff member. Your pet will be brought to the main treatment area for an examination with our emergency doctor and monitoring with our technical staff. 
  5. After your pet’s examination, our doctor will contact you via phone to update you on the examination findings and recommendations for diagnostics and treatments for your pet. 
  6. An estimate will then be provided to you over the phone. If applicable, a deposit will be taken at that time. 
  7. If your pet requires hospitalization, a doctor or one of our technicians will contact you with daily updates. 
  8. All discharge instructions will be emailed and discussed via phone. All payments will be authorized over the phone. Your pet will then be brought to your vehicle with any medications. 

At this time, visiting hours have been suspended with the exception of end-of-life consultations. This will be discussed and handled on a case by case basis. We are happy to provide visitation via Skype or Facetime for your hospitalized pets.